Christine By Stephen King

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Christine by Stephen king is a horror novel published in 1983. This amazing American writer always fascinates and surprises us in a good way with his imagination. Stephen king has the talent to bring his stories to life. The same year a film adaptation of Christine was released.

The story follows Dennis Guilder, a high school student. In 1978 Dennis returns from the school with his friend Arnie Cunningham and notices a beautiful red and white car, a 1958 Plymouth Furry and stops to look at it. After a short talk with an old man, the owner Roland D. LeBey. Arnie buys the car which is named Christine by its previous owner for 250 dollars. Dennis was against this but he couldn’t change his friend’s opinion.

Arnie starts restoring Christine at Will Darnell’s garage, used more as a cover for some illicit business. While repairing his car, Arnie’s character changes. He becomes another person, more confident, cocky, strong and self-assured. Even his appearance improved but he becomes colder, cynical and with no humor. Dennis is the first to notice Arnie’s change.

Christine’s previous owner dies and Dennis meets his younger brother who tell him about the LeBey’ s violent character in the last days of his life and also tells him about LeBey’s daughter who died choking on a hamburger in the back seat of the car. Also, his wife committed suicide because of the loss of her child in the front seat of Christine by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Time passes and Dennis notices similarities in Arnie’s and LeBeys behavior. Arnie starts dressing like a 50s greaser and he become friends with Darnell and even helps him in his affairs.

When Christine is almost restored Arnie starts dating a young beautiful girl, Leigh Cabot. While they are on a date Leigh chokes on a hamburger but fortunately is saved. She claims that Christine’s lights were similar with a pair of green eyes watching her at the time of the incident. She realizes that Christine was jealous of her and she refused to ever get in the car.

But how does the story continue? Who really is Christine and what is her plan? I will let you discover it for yourself but I will tell you one thing about her, she is alive and very possessive and vindictive.

So if you haven’t read Christine yet, it surely is a must. Enjoy it and tell me your opinion at the end. What feelings has this book left on you ?

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Christine By Stephen King






Easy To Follow





  • Hard And Paperback Available
  • 1st Edition 1983
  • 10.8 x 7.4 x 1.8 inches
  • ISBN: 1501143719


  • You Will Not Be Able To Put It Down

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