Cujo By Stephen King


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Cujo by Stephen King is a psychological horror book published in 1981. Stephen King admits that he doesn’t remember entirely the moments of writing the book and he is sorry that he couldn’t enjoy the process of creation. He wrote this book in a period when he was not totally himself.

Cujo by Stephen King in 1981 was in the first place on the list of best-sellers in United states.

Cujo By Stephen King

It is a story which follows two families from Maine Castle Rock. One middle class family (The Trenton Family) who just arrived from New York, and The Camber family, long time residents.

Because of some personal and professional reasons with his business, Vic Trenton has to leave town and his family to deal with them.

From the other side, Charity Camber, an abused wife wins the lottery and decides to leave her husband and go to her sister in Connecticut with her son Brett.

Who is Cujo? He is the Camber’s family St Bernard. When Charity leaves with her son, Cujo chases a rabbit and follows him into limestone cave. He sticks in his nose and is bitten by a rabid bat and is infected with a virus. From this moment starts the real problem. Cujo kills Joe Camber and his neighbor.

Donna Trenton decides to take her car in to be repaired at Joe Camber’s garage and unfortunately they meet Cujo. Locked in the car in hot weather for a while, Donna tries to escape and is bitten but she survives. Her son is in danger from  dehidratation and the heat.

Vic returns home and tries to find his family. How will thisend? In tragedy? Will Donna and her son survive? Will Vic and his family get together again? What will happen to Cujo?

All this you will find out if you read the book. I don’t want to spoil it for you but Stephen King has the ability to make you visualize the terror and blood of this story.

Anyway if you are King fan and a horror genre lover, this is a great read.

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Cujo By Stephen King






Easy To Follow





  • Hard And Paperback Available
  • 319 Pages
  • 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches
  • 1st edition (1981)
  • ISBN: 0670451932


  • Will Take Up A Lot Of Your Time 🙂

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