Firestarter By Stephen King

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A well-known novel and a very well-received movie adaptation, Firestarter By Stephen King was first Published in 1980 and adapted into a film in 1984 starring Drew Barrymore. The novel also was nominated for The British Fantasy Award, Balrog Award and Locus Poll Award as Best Novel. Again Stephen King at his very best.

Firestarter By Stephen King

The novel follows a father with his daughter hiding from a government agency called The Shop. Andy, the father, during his youth, took part in an experiment done by this government agency dealing with a new hallucinogenic drug (Lot 6) similar to LSD. His future wife at that time, Victoria Thompson, was taking the drug and she had some side effects such as minor telekinetic abilities. Andy also experienced auto-hypnotic mind domination ability.

Both of them, Andy and Victoria developed later Pyrokinetic abilities and later on, this power was inherited by their daughter (Charlie) however she was a lot more powerful than her parents, at scary and dangerous levels.

The Shop is chasing Charlie and Andy for a long time and finally they take the girl and kill her mother. When this happens Andy receives a psychic message and tries to save them but it is too late. Charlie is gone and Victoria is dead.

Andy saves Charlie but it is not finished. They are chased by the government and when in danger, Charlie unleashes her Fire Power. Will Andy manage to keep her safe and escape from the Shop? Will Charlie survive and have a normal future away from experiments and hunting?

This, I can say is one of my favorites books and movies actually and if you haven’t seen it, then you have to. It is a story that captivates you until the last page. You really get to know the characters and feel for them. When I first read it as a child I wanted to have the power as Andy and Charlie have here. This how Stephen King takes you into his world. It feels so real when you read his books.

So I am sure you will enjoy the book. If you didn’t read it, I highly recommend it to you.

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Firestarter By Stephen King






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  • Paperback Cover
  • 576 Pages
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  • ISBN-10: 1501143794


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