Rage by Stephen King

Rage by Stephen King was published under the name Richard Bachman in 1977 and is a psychological thriller. The book was first named ‘Getting It On’ but then the title was changed.

The story is about a school shooting and unfortunately it was related to the future school shootings from the next decades.

Stephen King, in 2013 published an anti-fire arms essay called ‘Guns’ in response of all these critics.

Rage by Stephen King

The novel Rage, resembles so much to the latest school shooting incidents that Stephen King actually decided to not publish it originally, for it not to be a source of inspiration. Too bad, because it is a very good book and if you start reading it you get into the psychology of those children, both the victims and the criminals.

The book is following a high school senior from Maine named Charlie Decker. After striking his Chemistry Teacher with a pipe wrench, Charlie is called to the Principals Office, but he insults him and the incident results in Charlie’s expulsion. His rage explodes and Charlie, using a pistol kills his Algebra Teacher Miss Jean Underwood and takes his classmates as hostages.

The following events as I told you before remind us a lot the previous school shooting incidents. You have to see for yourself by reading the book.

How does all this end? What will happen to Charlie and to his classmates? Will Charlie be accused of murder?

Originally shelved, this book is now available. This is one I really recommend you take a look at.

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Rage By Stephen King






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  • Paperback Cover
  • 8.9 x 5.7 x 0.8 inches
  • ISBN 2226049517


  • Only Available In French Language

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