The Dead Zone By Stephen King

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Published in 1979, The Dead Zone By Stephen King is a supernatural-horror novel and it is the seventh book published by the author. The book was dedicated to Owen, who is Stephen King’s son and was nominated in 1980 for the Locus award.

Later, in 1983, Stephen King’s novel was adapted into a movie with the same name.

The Dead Zone By Stephen King

The book follows a young man Johnny Smith who in 1953 while ice skating has an accident and he falls unconscious. When Johnny recovers from the accident, he says a few strange words ‘Don’t jump it no more’ which then are forgotten. Because of the accident, a part of his brain, the so called ‘Dead Zone’ is damaged, and as a result he becomes clairvoyant and has the ability of precognition.

Later on in 1970 while Johnny is a teacher in Maine, he has a car accident and lands in a coma for approximately four years. When he wakes up he realizes that because of the brain injury he suffered, he has a new ability. By touching people he sees into their life, things that those people are not aware of yet.

Johnny is contacted by the local Sheriff George Bannerman to use his psychic ability to solve a series of murders. His health is getting worst and he suffers major headaches. He decides to help the Sheriff when the last victim is a nine years old boy.

Greg Stillson, a man suffering with emotional issues but a successful businessman, is elected major of Ridgeway and later on in 1976 he runs an independent campaign for a seat in the House Of Representatives. Attending a rally for him, Johnny touches him and he sees his dark side. He sees Stillson as a President of the country starting a huge world nuclear war. Johnny decides that Stillson must be stopped. The only way to do it is to kill him.

Will Johnny stop a potential World War 3?

The Dead Zone is a really amazing story and as always, Stephen king captures your attention until the last word.

So if you didn’t read this novel, then definitely it is a must for you.

Enjoy your reading.

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